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Podcast Interview: Unpacking the Myths about Anger & its Role in our Lives

I had the honor of being interviewed by Mathew Blades, who has an inspiring podcast, Learn From People Who Lived It.

He interviews people who have lived through challenging circumstances and still found ways to heal. He asks the tough questions, and I appreciate his realness.

In this episode, Mathew and I discuss the stigmas around anger and why it is not always destructive but can be constructive too. I explain why a life without anger, is a life without boundaries or a sense of self, and why we often feel anger towards anger itself. By helping people understand what the “amygdala hijack” is, we help people change the way they think about and express anger.

I hope you enjoy this podcast!

You can listen to the podcast here:

And... if this podcast inspires you and you want to learn more, check out my Upcoming Course on Mindful Anger HERE


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