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Anger is Your Ally

The People Pleaser's Guide to Anger


Anger as a Doorway to Healthy Boundaries, Healing Trauma,

& Your Most Empowered Badass Self

New in 2024 course beginning soon...



Do you struggle with holding boundaries?


Do you consistently avoid conflict?


Does anger scare you?


Do you stuff your anger for so long that you suddenly erupt?


Do you find it challenging to understand your body’s messages?


Do you compulsively revert to people-pleasing instead of speaking your truth?


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Join me on a 6-week journey of cultivating a healthier relationship with your anger, boundaries, and innate power.

As a recovering people pleaser, I am well aware that holding boundaries, speaking my truth, and expressing my anger are my inner people pleaser's kryptonite.


It is the one thing people pleaser's don't do.


As such, we NEED skills and support to do this stuff. We need guidance to access our true voice, effectively hold boundaries, and express our anger in appropriate ways. 


I have a massive, ever-growing passion for supporting people to turn towards their anger (aka. face their trampled boundaries, disowned power, and undigested pain) and guiding them to create a healthier relationship with themselves and this stigmatized emotion.


Over the last 7 years, I have led Mindful Anger courses around the world at universities, companies, and festivals (like Burning Man & Bali Spirit Festival).


In 2019, I did a TedxTalk titled, Anger is Your Ally: A Mindful Approach to Anger (which has now been viewed over 700,000 times).



This is the first time I am turning the wisdom from my TedxTalk into an online course!


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Flow of the Course

The course is designed to take you gently (but powerfully), step by step, on a journey of deepening with your anger, boundaries, and true power. 

Each week we will have a 90-minute zoom call, which will include a mixture of tools and practices, as well as group discussion, and guided practices.

The People Pleaser's Guide to Anger Beginning soon...

Week 1: Meeting Your Anger: The Wise Sage & Fierce Protector

Week 2: Seeing & Supporting Your Inner People Pleaser

Week 3: Your Bold, Beautiful, Badass Boundaries

Week 4: Unleashing Your Authentic Voice

Week 5: Embodying Anger: Healing, Trauma Resolution, & Integration

Week 6: Embracing Your Power: Authentic, Embodied, & Empowered

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Anger is like a child, you don't want to let it drive the car, but you certainly don't want to stuff it in the trunk either. 


Having tools that support you in "unblending" from your anger, enables you stay in the driver's seat, but allows anger to sit safely INSIDE the car with you. Anger can inform your actions and words, but it isn't driving the car, nor is it stuffed in the trunk.


This is what HEALTHY ANGER looks like.

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Feeling Excited to Join, but a Little Nervous Too?

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It's natural if you feel a little nervous about signing up for this course. Even if your gut tells you it might be good for you, your inner people pleaser is probably a little terrified with the idea.  ;)


I've been there. I get it.

I avoided doing ANYTHING like this for years.  

You won't be forced to do anything you don't want to do. True healing and growth can only happen when we feel supported, loved, and safe. You can go at your own pace. You can join this course and then decide you want to watch the recordings and do the practices in your own timing. You will have 1 year to watch and download all the course materials.

Please Note: If you are joining this course and there is some significant trauma in your history, I strongly suggest working with a skilled therapist or Somatic Experiencing Practitioner while you take this course. This course should not be used as a replacement for trauma therapy.

What you can gain from this course:


  • Grow skills to navigate conflict with more ease

  • Learn how to identify your solid, beautiful, badass boundaries

  • Discover what healthy anger actually looks like

  • Get a deeper sense of your full-body Yes's & No's

  • Learn how to honor (instead of resisting) your body's messages

  • Deconstruct your inner people pleaser & discover more of who you really are

  • Apply mindfulness practices to your relationship with anger in a way that doesn’t mute your anger or castrate its wisdom & power

  • Experience how your fully owned No, opens you to your full-body Yes

  • Differentiate between anger, fear, grief, and other emotions

  • Access your authentic voice (your divine inner roar)

  • Learn tools to communicate your boundaries effectively

  • Deepen with other like-minded (and like-hearted) individuals & grow together in this 6-week course

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The program includes:

  • 6 Live Video Sessions on Zoom

Each Zoom session will be 90 minutes and will include downloadable worksheets & slides.  These calls will be recorded and you will have 1 year to view and/or download them on Thinkific (an awesome course hosting platform).


  • 6 Guided Practices + Weekly Tools

The guided meditations and weekly tools are designed to support you in cultivating a healthier relationship with your anger, authentic voice, full-body Yes's & No's, and boundaries. These meditations and practices are downloadable and can be used at anytime.


  • 6 Expert Interviews

The interviews are with incredibly wise, skilled, heart-full humans who will share their personal expertise, insights, struggles, and personal practices for building a healthier relationship with conflict, anger, their true voice, and boundaries. I have chosen some REALLY special people for these interviews!


  • Exploration with a Variety of Potent Modalities

We will use mindfulness, Somatic Experiencing, Internal Family Systems, Body-Intuition, Authentic Relating, Play, Movement, Coaching Tools, and a sprinkle of Neuroscience throughout.

  • Private Facebook Group

For those of you on FB, this will be an opportunity to ask questions, share ideas with each other, and stay connected throughout the week.

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The Course will have live Zoom video calls on the following Sunday's from 5pm - 6:30pm PST / 8pm - 9:30pm EST:

Week 1: October 8

Week 2: October 15

Week 3: October 22

Week 4: October 29

Week 5: November 5 (note daylight savings)

Week 6: November 12

Early Bird Rate: $249

(Save $100 if you sign up early)

Regular Course Fee: $349

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Thinking of signing up, but still have some questions? 

Feel free to reach out to me HERE

About Juna

I have been coaching leaders and visionaries for the last 13 years to develop emotional intelligence, create healthy relationships, embrace their full potential, and strengthen their intuition. I am a coach, mindfulness facilitator, intuitive, and Somatic Experiencing Practitioner.

I have a profound passion and respect for the art of emotional intelligence (especially with those shadowy emotions). This passion grew out of some big challenges from my past. 


Growing up, my father had a big temper. His anger terrified the sh*t out of me. As a child, I learned to become a people pleaser to keep the peace in my household. I remember being praised and rewarded for being a good girl. 

However, my people pleaser ways (aka. my lack of boundaries and inability to speak my truth) came to a head in my late 20's when I entered a relationship with a man who turned out to be highly manipulative and psychologically abusive (yep, a covert narcissist).


Towards the end of that 4-year relationship, I finally couldn't stuff my anger any longer. Much to my surprise, my anger stepped forward as a fierce inner ally to help me exit that relationship and support me in growing a healthy relationship with my voice and boundaries. It was a super challenging time and a truly life-changing experience.

Over the last 13 years, I have had the honor of working with hundreds of clients all over the world, leading workshops on Mindful Anger, Shadow Work, Developing Intuition, & more. In 2019, I did a TedxTalk titled, Anger is Your Ally: A Mindful Approach to Anger (which currently has over 600,000 views). And, I am in the process of writing a book titled, The Good Girl's Guide to Anger. 

I'd love for you JOIN The People Pleaser's Guide to Anger. This course will be full of heart, soul, authenticity, roar, and playfulness!


Juna Mustad, SEP

Coach, Intuitive, & Somatic Experiencing Practitioner


If you haven't already, check out
my TedxTalk...

Anger is Your Ally: A Mindful Approach to Anger

Most of us either stuff our anger or we find ourselves erupting in rage. Having spent most of my life as a professional "good girl" and therefore, an anger-stuffer, I experienced firsthand what happens when we don't have a healthy relationship with our anger and boundaries.

In this TedxTalk, I reveal how neuroscience and mindfulness can help us unlock the healing and transformative power of the world's most stigmatized emotion, anger.


My TedxTalk has over 700,000 views!

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