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Podcast Interview: The People Pleaser's Guide to Anger with Kimberly Ann Johnson

In this episode, Kimberly Ann Johnson and Juna Mustad discuss our relationship to anger, especially as people pleasers.

While we are often conditioned to resist or dismiss anger, Juna describes anger as being an ally for our ultimate healing and the charge for our life force energy. Juna explains her relationship to anger which often made her uncomfortable as she spent much of her life pleasing people at the expense of her own mind, body, and vitality. She learned how anger can show us parts of ourselves that need tending to as well as move us deeper into connection with others.

You can listen to the Podcast Interview here:

What we discuss in this Interview:

  • Juna’s relationship to anger and people pleasing

  • Destigmatizing anger and fight responses

  • People pleasing as survival

  • The fawn response

  • Reconnecting to our bodies’ desires through anger


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