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Podcast Interview: Mindful Approach to Anger, Uncomfortable Feelings, & Boundaries

It was such a treat to be interviewed by my longtime friend, Christine Eartheart, in her podcast, The Thriving Relationships Show.

Christine has interviewed some of my mentors and favorite humans like, Dr. Gay Hendricks, Dr. Jill Bolte Taylor, Danielle LaPorte, and more. It was a huge honor to be interviewed.

I really loved our conversations about healthy relationship practices, boundaries, working with uncomfortable feelings like anger, navigating conflict, and more.

View the Interview here:

Listen to the interview here:

In this interview, we discussed:

2:59 – As a past people-pleaser, hear about Juna’s journey that inspired her to get into living authentically and embracing her anger

6:11 – What it looks and feels like to have an unhealthy relationship with anger and the difference between “erupting” and “stuffing”

8:40 – A closer look at why anger is healthy in reasonable doses and how to keep it in perspective

11:35 – 3 ways to start using anger as the gateway to getting clear about living our truest lives

14:58 – The damage to our closest relationships when we are erupting or stuffing our anger

21:05 – The cycle that occurs when you withhold your truth→ then you start to withdrawal→ and then you project→ and then you begin to exit the relationship

28:18 – The positive impact that living authentically and not holding onto anger can have on your relationships

33:50 – How to create a safe container in your relationship to explore anger and messy feelings

39:35 – The many ways boundaries are needed and can show up in a relationship and some examples of how how this can look

46:53 – Consequences of not having boundaries in a relationship and cues to look out for

50:43 – The importance of combining boundaries with also softening and leaning in to our partner’s needs and feelings in order to have a thriving relationship

55:10 – What is a thriving relationship is to to Juna


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