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This 6-Week Course Beginning soon in 2024...

The People Pleaser's Guide to Anger
Anger as a Doorway to Healthy Boundaries, Healing Trauma, & Your Most Empowered Badass Self

Join me on a 6-week journey of cultivating a healthier relationship with your anger, boundaries, and innate power.


Over the last 7 years, I have led Mindful Anger courses around the world at universities, companies, and festivals (like Burning Man & Bali Spirit Festival).


In 2019 I did a TedxTalk titled, Anger is Your Ally: A Mindful Approach to Anger (which has now been viewed over 700,000 times).


This is the first time I am turning the wisdom from my TedxTalk into an online course!


Anger is like a child, you don't want to let it drive the car,

and you certainly don't want to stuff it in the trunk either.


Mindful anger is about learning how to sit safely

in the car with your anger.


Develop Your Inner Knowing
5 Guided Meditations to Help you Strengthen your Intuition

This self-paced intuition course contains 5 guided meditations to support you in developing your inner knowing.

These 5 meditations are uniquely designed to access different parts of your intuition, so you can make decisions with greater ease, clarity and trust. Each guided meditation is about 10 minutes in length and the meditations are downloadable, so you can use them again and again to strengthen your intuitive muscles.

This course is only $59

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Managing Anger: 
A Mindful Approach to Anger
10 Guided Meditations on the UltraHuman App

I created a Mindful Anger series on the UltraHuman app. This is a series of 10 audio meditations and guided practices to help you create a healthier, more mindful and empowering relationship with your anger.

Get a 50% discount if you join the UltraHuman app using this discount code: JunaMustad

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