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Meet Juna

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Hi, I'm Juna


You can think of me as a grounded, emotionally intelligent (and kinda goofy) intuitive chick. 

And it has been long road to get here.

When I first started working as an intuitive in 2005, I had this sense that not only was my work was missing something, but I was missing something.


As an intuitive, I could connect with the nonphysical world and share powerful insights. But I felt that something was off in my sessions. I was negating the innate wisdom of our bodies and our emotions. Otherwise known as, I didn't know how to be in my body and feel my emotions (especially anger, fear and sadness), and I certainly couldn't support others to do this deeper inner work. 

After 6 years of developing my intuition and spiritual connection at an intuitive school, I decided to leave. I dove headfirst into the world of coaching and somatic experiencing, with a focus on embodiment, mindfulness, trauma resolution, and emotional intelligence.


For over 13 years, I have been offering intuitive coaching sessions. ​This work has grown, shaped, and humbled me in potent ways. It is truly a profound honor to offer this life-changing work to individuals, couples, and leaders around the world. 

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I have a passion for bridging worlds...

Bridging our spiritual selves with our grounded,

embodied and sometimes messy

human experience

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I attended the Somatic Experiencing Institute's 3-year program, which taught me how to safely and gently unwind stress, trauma, and unresolved past experiences within the body.


I also attended the Hendricks Institute's 2-year Leadership & Transformation program, where I became a certified Conscious Living & Loving Coach.


I am a graduate of Co-Active Training Institute's 5-part program and I am a certified Spirit Coach — a life coach who uses intuition to support the growth of her clients. I am also an IFS-Informed practitioner (Internal Family Systems).

In addition to my private practice as a coach and intuitive, I also work part-time as an executive coach, mindfulness trainer, and corporate trainer with The People Piece and Abroad.iocoaching and facilitating leaders around the world in communication skills, mindfulness, emotional intelligence, and leadership development.

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What Clients Are Saying


Lorina Manzanita

Juna is my go to resource anytime I’m feeling stuck, lost and thrown off balance by life’s challenges. I’m pretty darn picky when it comes to who I rely on for guidance, as I can often feel pushed by a practitioner’s agenda. Juna offers a wonderful balance between precision guidance, direction and clarity, and a sweet, heart-full holding space to help my process unfold in the presence of love. I consistently leave my sessions with Juna feeling more grounded, clear, uplifted and empowered. I can’t think of anyone I wouldn’t recommend Juna to. She is that awesome.


Mackenzie Eason

I've been blessed to have worked with Juna for 5 years and I can confidently say that Juna has been one of the biggest forces of healing in my life. Before working with Juna I was lost in the throws of a messy, toxic breakup. After my first session with Juna I instantly felt more connected, clear, empowered, and truly transformed. Thanks to Juna's incredible support, my life is now blooming with healthy, vibrant relationships, fulfilling work, and a sense of trust and empowerment in every area of my life . Juna's unique blend of powerful coaching skills, crystal clear intuitive gifts, trauma healing tools, and unconditional LOVE is rare on this planet. She is an absolute gem and true gift in my life. If you have a chance to work with Juna in any capacity, DO IT (seriously). I can't recommend her highly enough.

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Over the years I had tried so many things to help with my health issues, fears, and blocks. I had lost trust in the ability of different practitioners to really help me. What Juna does for me instills hope and faith that you can see things truly change and get better. I look forward to her sessions like I would be visiting a great friend or having piece of my favorite cake. Yes, the work is hard sometimes, we laugh and cry, but at the end I feel deeply satisfied in that I have again made great strides towards becoming the person I feel I truly am. I am truly in awe of Juna and her abilities and so grateful to have found her. I highly recommend her.

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