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6 Steps for Healing Your Acute Anxiety

It was about 9 months ago that I experienced the most acute anxiety of my life. After months of burnout symptoms, I had a panic attack and found myself suddenly stuck in a panic attack for 2 weeks, and it took several months to recover.

It was a humbling and really terrifying experience... and I learned a great deal along the way.

In this video, I share 6 of the core tools & practices that supported me in healing my nervous system and recovering from acute anxiety.

Please Note: If you want to skip hearing about some of my own journey (for those of you experiencing anxiety right now, it could be a little triggering), you can jump right to the 6 tools by going to minute 6:55​.

The 6 Steps to Heal Your Anxiety:

1. Breath & Moving the Energy Down

2. Nip the Negative Thoughts in the Bud

3. Appreciation & Focusing on the Small Wins

4. Bring it into the Body (Elephant/Rider Analogy)

5. Acceptance

6. Connecting with Your Soul

My hope is that this video is of service to any of you who are experiencing (or are supporting people who are experiencing) panic attacks, anxiety, anxiety disorder, dissociative identity disorder or other PTSD symptoms.


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