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5 Steps for Working with Resistance

Today I am exploring the idea of resistance, and I offer 5 Steps for Working with Resistance. I would love to hear some of your thoughts, additions and ideas on my YouTube channel HERE. In what areas of your life does resistance tend to show up? Do you feel resistance when you face into the unknown? When you want to make a change? When you are stretching into doing something new? When someone is giving you feedback or instruction? And... when resistance shows up, what does it look like? Does it

look like fear and anxiety? ​Confusion and spaciness? Does your mind turn on hyper-drive and you suddenly have a whole list of excuses? Or do you get angry and want to blame? During a coaching session today, a client had some fear and resistance emerge during the call. I created 5 steps for working with his resistance... and here they are: 1. Personify the resistance. This helps create a little bit of space between yourself and the fear. 2. Hold the resistance with love and compassion. Our resistance needs to feel our presence, our deep care. 3. Give your resistance some air time. Let it share and express anything it most wants to. 4. Remind your resistance that you are a capable, resourceful adult now-- you are no longer a child. 5. Ask your resistance, "So... if I am going to go ahead and take this step, what can I do/what changes can I make to help you feel safe and supported along the way?" (Something I forgot to mention: there are MANY instances when resistance/fear is 100% our greatest ally, alerting us to the fact that something is off, and that we need to pause or hold a boundary instead of taking a step forward-- the trick is, how to tell the difference?) I would love to hear your thoughts about how you work with resistance HERE on YouTube. For more videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE. ​


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