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3 Steps to Get Grounded & Self-Regulate in these Intense Times

Anyone else keep waking up thinking this is all a bad dream? Are any of you feeling clear, grounded one minute and then feeling anxious as all hell the next? Well, you are not alone. I'm riding these waves with you. And these 3 very simple steps (which can be done in literally 4 minutes) can help you self-regulate, self-soothe and feel grounded again. Step 1: Deep, slow breathing (so obvious, but the first thing we often forget to do)

Step 2: Name your body sensations (without judgement) Step 3: Imagine you have an inner little girl/boy in your body who really needs your attention. Attune to them. Ask them, "What do you most want to say right now?" And, "What do you most need from me right now?" Remind this inner child, "We are going to be ok, this will pass." ​We are riding theses friggin' intense waves together. And we need to do the good work of coming home to ourselves, and continuing to open to Love and Trust. I love you all. Thank you for being here. Feel free to share your thoughts or comments HERE​ on YouTube. For more videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE.


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