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The Hendricks Institute Free Online Class: Anger is Your Ally

The Hendricks Institute invited me to lead a 1-hour online class for their Big Leap Bridge Program. The class topic was:

Anger is Your Ally: Mining the Wisdom of the World’s Most Stigmatized Emotion

View the online class HERE

In this online class, you will learn how anger can be a messenger that steps forward to illuminate your boundaries and inspire you to make changes in your life.

Of all the emotions, Anger is the most misunderstood and stigmatized. Because most of us don’t have a healthy relationship with this emotion, we end up doing one of two things with it: we stuff it down, or we end up erupting. But what opens up when we have a truly healthy relationship with anger?

In this talk, we explore creating a healthier and more empowering relationship with our Anger using play and embodiment exercises.


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