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Podcast Interview on Anger, Boundaries & Intuition-- with Kimberly Ann Johnson and Juna Mustad

(This interview was published on Kimberly Ann Johnson's podcast, Sex, Birth & Trauma)

In this episode, Juna and Kimberly talk about intuition. What exactly is intuition? How do you tap into it? What is its role in therapy? As a practitioner, how do you capitalize on your intuition, and also develop accurate discernment? Juna shares some of her gems and insights from her upcoming book, A Good Girl’s Guide to Anger, and much more.

To listen to the interview click HERE

What You’ll Hear:

  • How Juna learned how to use and develop her natural intuition

  • What happens when you receive a reading (tarot, astrology, energy work) that doesn’t resonate with your inner knowing?

  • How to feel emotions and connecting to the body, with intuition

  • The role of intuition and how to use it as a practitioner (therapist, massage therapist)

  • Where anger goes

In this episode:

  • What does intuition mean to you? (3:50)

  • As a practitioner, how do you use your own intuitive gifts and still help someone develop their inner knowing? (7:40)

  • HOW Juna teaches practitioners to develop their intuition (13:30)

  • How intuitions show up in Kimberly’s sessions (15:42)

  • How to tell the difference between an intuitive impulse versus ego or desire or fear (18:30)

  • The phase of life when Juna was doing the exact opposite of her intuition (28:00)

  • Do we REALLLLY choose our parents? (32:15)

  • Why it’s necessary to occupy a predator role for women (36:30)

  • The making of a good girl (37:35)

  • Approval and connection versus authenticity (39:00)

  • What happens when anger awakens in the good girl (40:50)

  • Anger as a doorway to power (43:30)

  • Aggression versus anger (47:30)

  • What to do with anger when it arises (49:30)

  • Boundaries with love (53:40)

  • If anger is here, there is trespass happening. Links between anger and boundaries. (1:00:00)


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