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5 Tips for Empaths & Highly Sensitive People During the Coronavirus

Just wanting to reach out and share a few tips and perspectives for us empathic and sensitive types during this time of fear, panic and Coronavirus. I've definitely been feeling the fear (personally and most certainly in the collective) and have found it useful to: 1. Allow your Feelings to Flow all the way through 2. Move & Exercise your Body to keep the energy moving 3. Reach out for Support from Loved Ones 4. Arm & Equip yourself with Facts & Statistics 5. Grow your Spiritual Connection

My hope is that this is of service to us sensitive types. You are not alone. I will be posting a great deal more free content right now during this challenging time. We all need each other now more than ever. Follow me on Facebook or YouTube (link below). ​Would love to hear any tools or perspectives that you are finding to be supportive right now? Feel free to share your thoughts or comments HERE​ on YouTube. For more videos, please subscribe to my YouTube channel HERE.


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