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Which includes a FREE guided meditation on developing your intuition

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Juna Mustad, SEP

Do you want to create a life that is aligned with who you truly are?

Do you desire to fully trust yourself & develop your intuition?

You are here because you have a sense there is so much more to this life. Your unexpressed gifts, your desire for fulfillment & your Soul are calling you forward.


I have a gift for guiding you to take those bold steps... to deepen with who you truly are and courageously live a life that is fully aligned with the real you.


I am a Life & Relationship Coach, an Intuitive, and a Somatic Experiencing Practitioner focused on helping you embrace your full potential, create healthy relationships, and ultimately, live a soul-centered life.  


You can think of me as a grounded,

emotionally intelligent (and kinda goofy), intuitive chick.  ;) 

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Who is this intuitive

chick who does TedxTalks

on Mindful Anger?


Learn more about my coaching sessions where I blend intuition & somatic therapy

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Check out my courses on Mindful Anger, Developing Your Intuition, & more

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"And the day came when the risk to remain tight in a bud

was more painful than the risk it took to blossom."

- Anais Nin

Juna Gold Leaf.jpg

Download my FREE Mindful Anger Toolbox: 


Most of us either stuff our anger or we find ourselves erupting in rage. Having spent most of my life as a professional "good girl" and therefore, an anger-stuffer, I experienced firsthand what happens when we don't have a healthy relationship with our anger and boundaries.

In this TedxTalk, I reveal how neuroscience and mindfulness can help us unlock the healing and transformative power of the world's most stigmatized emotion, anger.

My TedxTalk has over 700,000 views!

I have an upcoming 6-Week Course based on my TedxTalk...



Andrea Scher

Juna is pure magic. She is a brilliant coach + wise healer who also happens to have powerful intuitive gifts. I always leave our sessions feeling grounded, clear and more in tune with the deeper layers of my own heart. Meeting Juna has been one of the greatest gifts of my life! She is fierce love, compassion and badass wisdom - all in service to your growth and healing.


Tobin Zivon

Juna is truly an amazing counselor and guide. I have worked with many healers, therapists, and intuitives, and none have even come close to the level of depth and mastery that Juna exudes. She holds a space that is deeply present, kind, and delicately attuned. She has the ability to read and translate into the most practical terms the most important and useful guidance for your life. I cannot recommend Juna enough for any and all situations that you may be going through. Her guidance is a rare and precious gem on this planet!

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Latasha Sukhu

I've been lucky to see Juna in action from so many perspectives, as an excellent coach and facilitator in corporate leadership development programs as well as my own personal coach, using all of her gifts to help guide me. She actively listens and is thoughtful in pushing you towards truth and action. I look forward to my sessions with Juna and feel my growth after each. The insights gained by leveraging her wisdom is truly moving me towards my goals and I highly recommend her!

Juna Gold Leaf.jpg

The People Pleaser's Guide to Anger
Anger as a Doorway to Healthy Boundaries, Healing Trauma, & Your Most Empowered Badass Self

6-Week Online Course

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