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Was this a Nervous Breakdown? A Spiritual Unraveling?

This is a very vulnerable share about the last 2+ months of my life.

Was it a nervous breakdown? A big spiritual unraveling & opening? I don't know. I do know this has been the biggest experience of my life and I've been journeying through the underworld of my own soul via panic attacks, old traumas resurfacing, anxiety, big body sensations, and profound spiritual experiences.

I feel quite vulnerable sharing this... and, if you know me, you know that I have a deep passion for naming and normalizing the beautiful messiness of our human experience.

I share at the beginning of the video that this all started with my commitment to more fully step into my power. But what I didn't share is that some incredible steps have been happening these last few weeks-- I have been having raw and radical truth-talks with everyone in my life, adjusting how I work with clients, and my work is even changing in the most surprising ways. This experience, though really hard, continues to be in service to my commitment to more fully own my power (aka. my commitment to live a life that is aligned with my Soul).

My prayer is that this is of service.

Sending big, warm hugs to y'all out there who have been doing some "dark night of the soul" fumbling, surrendering and dancing.

The quote that I share is by Shinzin Young, Suffering = Pain x Resistance


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