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Love is My Teacher

Love is my teacher.

She beckons me to continue to open.

To not know. To surrender.

To put to bed my endless strategies

for generating perceived

safety and control.

They’ve yet to work anyway.

Love gently whispers,

“The more you open

and the more you let go,

the safer you’ll be.”

I loathe when she says this.

But I admit I feel a resonance in these words.

Words that my mind doesn’t understand,

but my soul deeply hungers for.

Real love is a letting go--

Opening and surrendering without knowing if there is a parachute

or soft ground to land on.

When we step through Love’s portal,

we are unwittingly hurled into the abyss.

Untethered, we fall.

Or rather, our ego thinks we are falling.

But when we stop clinging and our eyes adjust

to the darkness,

we realize that we are not falling to our death,

we are floating.

Floating and swimming and


in the warm black sea of Great Mystery.

Love is

the Great Mystery,

the Divine,


When we open to love with another, or ourselves, or this planet

we are touching The Divine.

Touching fingers. Rubbing toes.

Gazing into the deep-set dark eyes

of this vast,

unknowable Universe.

Love is whispering to me to “Trust.”

To trust this experience with my partner.

To trust my body.

To trust Life.

To trust Her.

Love reminds us that Surrendering & Letting Go

are not synonymous with closing your eyes and going blind.

“Open to this experience,” she says,

“and also keep your eyes Open,

sometimes the writing is on the wall.”

Love doesn’t render us blind,

infatuation does that.

Obsession does that.

Our discomfort with reality does that.

And choosing love,

choosing to open,




Love nudges us to see that change & death

are simply endarkened doorways

to a newer, sweeter place.

Love reminds us that when we are truly in love,

this “in-love-ness” includes Self.

And finally,

Love yearns for us to heal our deepest wounds,

so we can wiggle ourselves out of Fear’s straightjacket,

let down our hair

and dance with her

in the vast and beautiful darkness.

Love isn’t just an emotion,

and she isn’t just a state of being,

Love is a Consciousness.

A Consciousness that is very much


Living, breathing

animated by heartbeat of Life itself.

And when we are connected with her,

we have access to all her delightful bedfellows—

awe, wonder, joy, curiosity, creativity, playfulness and more.

Love is waiting for you to meet her at the rocky edge of the Unknown

Dance with her

Sing with her

Create art with her

Make love with her

Bake bread with her

Love is.

Love is all of this.

We humans have just been distracted at Fear’s way station

for a few hundred thousand years.

Who wants to dance?

- Juna Mustad


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