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Empaths: Do We Take on People's Issues? And What to Do About It

As empaths and sensitive types, do we actually "take on" other people's issues, or is there something else going on?

I think the answer is not so simple.

Yes, we can take on other people's issues... and there is a lot more nuance to this topic than we might think. For example, sometimes when we feel we have taken on other people's stuff, we might unconsciously be operating from a big ole "hero complex" (aka. a martyr-like desire to heal the world via carrying the weight of it on our shoulders). Other times, the emotional baggage we feel from a client or friend is actually our own stuff-- coming to the surface to lovingly direct us inwards, to do some work on our traumas or unresolved wounds.

In this video I explore what else might be going on when we feel that a client or friend has left us with some of their energetic or physical baggage.

I also offer a few practices to help you clear your energy field. And I'd love to hear from you-- what practices do you use to help keep your energy field clear and clean?


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