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Your Creative Expression: Is it Soul Inspired or Ego-Motivated?

This is a topic near and dear to my heart... in large part because I played the game of ego-motivated creative expression for far too long. It left me feeling drained, stuck in a web of comparing myself to others, "shoulding" all over myself, and posting/sharing to GET likes (I mean, love).

​No matter what we are creating (articles, art, poetry, online courses, FB posts), our ego will always find a way to sneak on in there (the naughty bugger)... but when we create solely from the ego, it often robs our creativity of its full potential and can end up feeling flat or exhausting.

Whereas, soul-inspired creative expression moves mountains, it feeds us energy instead of robbing us of energy, it deeply touches & inspires others, it usually isn't tied to outcomes, and oftentimes the impulse to create comes from the sheer joy & service of creating.

In this video I tease apart key ways to distinguish the impulses of soul creativity vs. that of the ego. I would love to hear what you do to try to discern the two.... ?

Feel free to share your thoughts or commentsHERE on YouTube. For more videos, subscribe HERE to my YouTube channel.


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