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The 5 Most Common Misconceptions about Using Intuition & Working with Intuitives

Most of us have certain beliefs about what intuition is and what it means to work with an intuitive (aka. psychic). Well, put frankly, these ideas totally limit our ability to access our innate intuition and hinder our ability to dance with the Great Mystery that is this amazing ole' Universe (and who doesn't like to dance??). So, let's debunk some of these limiting beliefs. ;) These are some of the core misconceptions that I address in this video: 1. Intuitives can predict the future because your future is set in stone

2. Your intuition is always "right" and following anything else is "wrong" 3. If you follow your intuition it will ALWAYS guide you down the easy, pain-free & challenge-free path 4. To use your intuition you NEED to be UBER spiritual, meditative and serious 😬 5. If you aren't seeing images you aren't doing intuition right ​Want to learn more? I have an upcoming intuition course and I would LOVE to have you join! You can find course details in the Courses section of my website.


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