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Intuition & the 3 Levels of Listening

It was during my coaching training, at CoActive Training Institute, that I first learned about the 3 Levels of Listening. I realized that Level 3 Listening felt very familiar to me-- that is because level 3 listening is where intuition lives.

In this video, I describe the different ways we pay attention (I modify the "3 Levels of Listening" to be the "3 Levels of Attention"). We typically use our attention like a flashlight-- a flashlight focus of attention on ourselves or others. But in order to access our intuition, we need to broaden our flashlight focus, so that the light is more like that of the sun-- expansive, open and a softer focus. This broad, sunlight focus of attention includes ourselves (our feelings, thoughts, emotions), other/s (their words, potential feelings, body cues) and the environment all around us.

When we cultivate Level 3 Attention, we grow our access to intuitive messages. We gain access to intuitive images, feelings, words, sensations, impressions, etc. As an intuitive, level 3 attention/listening is the main technique I use when I am doing sessions with clients.

I'd love to hear some of your thoughts about this. How do you use your attention to create space for intuition to flow?


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