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The Intersection of Intuition & Imagination

As a little girl, I remember being told, “Wow, you have such a BIG imagination.” I was encouraged to grow my wild and rich imagination through art, play, and music.

But at a certain age, I started to receive the message that it was time for me to stop feeding my “fake” imaginary worlds, and it was time to embrace the “real” world.

I remember feeling heartbroken. “If this is what it means to grow up and be an adult, I don’t want to do it.” I found so much delight in the magical and enchanted realms of my imagination, whereas the “real world” felt stiff and vacant to me.

So, I fooled them. ;)

On the outside, I let go of my imaginary world-- I stopped playing with toys. I stopped painting and drawing mystical creatures. I stopped playing dress up with friends and running around in the woods talking to fairies. But on the inside, I kept my imagination alive and well.

To this day, I believe my active and healthy imagination has been instrumental in the growth of my intuition.

Recently, someone asked me about the intersection of intuition & imagination.

I believe that intuition and imagination are 2 sides of the same coin. They both invite us into an active and alive engagement with the Unknown. Imagination and intuition support us in learning to listen, follow impulse, play, and interact with the seen and unseen… and we do this with reverence, curiosity and delight.

Clients will ask me, “How do I grow my intuition?”

The first thing I say is, “Start with your imagination. Imagine your intuition is guiding you right now. What does it say to you? Imagine your spirit guides are here right now. What are they doing? What do they want you to know?”

When you are wanting to grow your intuition, your imagination serves to disarm the inner critic and inner perfectionist (that often come in to derail your efforts). Conjuring your imagination opens you to see, feel and experience things with non-judgmental child-like wonder and curiosity.

Our intuition loves our imagination. The two are dear, old friends sipping tea and having a little chuckle as we humans fumble around in the dark, trying to do everything “right.”

Intuition is the wisdom of your Soul, and imagination is the world your Soul dances in. The two go hand in hand.

So today I ask you this: How might you use your imagination to help you connect with your intuition?


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