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The 4 Key Steps to Growing Your Intuition

​We all have a gut sense. We all have an inner knowing. But how do we develop it? As a practicing intuitive, here are some of the core tools that have truly been a game-changer for me: 1. Presence What is presence? Being here, in the moment, in my body. While doing intuitive sessions with clients, you will often find me wiggling my toes, adjusting in my seat, taking deep breaths or slowly rocking back and forth. Why? Because having subtle awareness of my body (body sensations, the rise and fall of my breath, etc.) helps me come back to the present moment. If a wave of emotion or an alluring story captivates my mind, cultivating simple body awareness helps me return home, to the moment. In essence, when I am fully present, I am open and available for intuitive information to flow. 2. Objectivity "Wait, you want me to be objective? Is that even possible? But I am human?!?" Practicing objectivity is not an easy thing (trust me, I know).  When I was first growing my intuitive muscles, I started with giving intuitive readings to other people. I did this in part because it is far easier to use your intuition with someone else's issues-- because we are less emotionally tied to an outcome. I also started using my intuition with small things ("What should I eat for dinner tonight? Where should I go this weekend?") All of this supported me in building a foundational awareness of what intuitive objectivity feels like (it feels clean, clear and the intuition just bubbles up out of thin air). And, when I am trying to access my inner knowing around an issue where there is some big ole' emotional charge (like, "Should I end this relationship or not?") well... I can really feel when there is an attachment to a certain outcome and I am not truly objective (it feels like a weighted pull where my sneaky little ego is trying to sway me in a certain direction and/or my ego is playing dress up and trying to come off as my intuition. Sneaky bugger!). 3. Imagination & Curiosity I have a wild imagination... and I believe this has been the fertile ground for developing my intuition. In my mind, I can imagine absolutely ANYTHING at ANY moment. Our intuition thrives in this kind of environment. It does not like walls or limits. It likes the vast open space of infinite possibilities. Through my years of mindfulness practice, I have also cultivated the art of curiosity. Instead of rigid, black/white thinking ("Well, I know the answer"), I practice a great deal of, "Hmmmmm... I don't know.... I wonder.....hmmmmmm...." Our innate inner knowing LOVES this! Where there is space (mental, emotional, spiritual), information and energy can arise, flow and ultimately grow. However, if this space is already occupied, then there isn't enough room for intuitive arisings. It is really just that simple. 4. Test it I am a huge fan of testing my intuition. When an intuitive sense arises ("Go on that hike this weekend" or “Call that old friend today” or “Slow down right now and rest”), instead of resisting it, or spending loads of time trying to figure out WHY, just try it out and see what happens. Open to the magic that Life is offering you. Through testing our intuition again and again... and again, we get to know it. We begin to trust it. This trust builds confidence and then (drum rolls please), our intuitive muscles get stronger. If you like this and want to learn more, I have an upcoming online intuition course. You can find out more in my Courses section.


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