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Awakened Grief: We are in this Together

Taking a deep breath into my heart.

I am feeling for and with all of those grieving right now - grieving the loss of a loved one, grieving the loss of a job and financial security, grieving the loss of the life they had just one month ago, grieving the loss of a healthy body as they fight this virus, grieving the loss of their identity, and grieving the loss of safety and security in the previous reality they knew.

We are all grieving in some way.

And I feel the watery, weighted pressure of this grief in my chest and throat.

Grief is beckoning us to feel her.

I will not get lost in grief. But when the watery waves of grief arise, I feel compelled to heed her call-- to pause, breathe and feel.

To feel my heart. With your heart. Here. Together.

We cannot do this alone.

This is too much to bear alone.

Like many of you, I am a feeler.

If I don't allow myself to feel me, you, We, THIS, I'll cleverly bypass this powerful moment and end up never fully landing on the other side.

When we are in healthy relationship with our feelings (like grief, anger, fear, etc.)... we allow them to move through us like a wave-- a wave that rises, peaks, and then flows all the way through us to the other side.

Allow and ride the waves of grief when they come, don't resist them.

Your beautiful grief makes you beautifully, exquisitely, perfectly Human.

Your beautiful grief reveals the vastness of your human heart and capacity to Love.

Author and psychotherapist Francis Weller once wrote, "The work of the mature person is to carry grief in one hand and gratitude in the other and be stretched large by them." I feel that all of us are being stretched large by our grief right now. This stretching is both painful and important.

Be gentle with yourselves and see if you can lean into this time of great stretching.

~ Juna


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